Principal functions

Create Lists

Create shopping lists for your different supermarkets or stores

Add products

Add the products you need to buy to each list

Add friends

Add your friends or family to the lists to create them together

Dictate your products

Dictate your products and they will be automatically added to your list

Product history

Do you usually buy the same? Add products from your own product history

Loyalty cards

Add your loyalty cards from each establishment and don't take up space in your wallet


Frequently Asked questions

Do you have any doubt? Here are the most frequent questions asked by users of our Apps

What is Shopping List Shared?

It's an App available on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) that allows you to create shopping lists together with your friends and family.

How do I add a friend or family member to my list?

In order for a friend or family member to be able to add products to your list, you must first add that user as "Friend" through their email in the "Friends" section of the menu and then you can add them to your list by clicking "Add participant" in the "Configure List" section

Can any user see my products?

NOT. Your lists and your products can only be seen by users that you have added to that list.

Can I add multiple products at the same time?

YES. You can dictate products with your voice by pressing the microphone button within your list.

Can I order the products?

YES. You can order the products manually, or you can also order them in different ways by accessing the "List preferences" section in the "Settings" menu.

Can I add loyalty cards?

YES. You can carry all the cards of your establishments from the "Cards" section of the menu

I can't find a store card

If when creating your card you can't find the one you want, you can change the country in the upper button or create an "Other" card. You can also send us the name of the store and we will add it.

Can I remove the advertising?

YES. You can remove advertising forever and with a single payment from the "Settings" menu.

Download the App

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