Principal functions

Create Lists

Create shopping lists for your different supermarkets or stores

Add products

Add the products you need to buy to each list

Add friends

Add your friends or family to the lists to create them together

Dictate your products

Dictate your products and they will be automatically added to your list

Product history

Do you usually buy the same? Add products from your own history

Loyalty cards

Add your loyalty cards from each establishment and don't take up space in your wallet


Frequently Asked questions

Do you have any doubt? Here are the most frequent questions asked by users of our Apps

How do I create the shopping lists?

To create a new list you must go to the "Lists" section and click on the "+" button and give your list a name.

How do I add the products to the lists?

To add the products to the list, you must enter the list and use the bottom bar to add each product.

How do I share a list?

To share a list you first have to add the person with whom you want to share the list to the Friends section (adding him through the email with which he is registered in the app), once added to your friends you have to enter the list you want share and click on the upper right button to add a user, then click on "Add participant" and select the desired friend.

How do I add a loyalty card?

To add a card you must go to the "Cards" section, click on "+", find the card you want to add and scan the code of your physical card. If the card you are looking for is not found, you can select the "Other" card. You can also change the country to see other cards by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner.

How do I manage the notifications of the lists?

You can select which notifications you want to receive regarding the lists from Settings > Notifications

Can I see a product history?

Yes, you can see a list of products added other times and easily add them to your list. You can access these from within the lists, by clicking on the history icon at the bottom of the screen.

Can I add an image to a product?

Sure, after adding a product, you can press the camera icon on that product and add an image.

Download the App

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